MyRevenueAcademy is an engaging and motivational Revenue Management learning environment for Hotel Revenue Teams

MyRevenueAcademy is about creating advantage through knowledge enrichment. Better knowledge leads to better informed decisions and therefore better performance. It is about keeping ahead of the competitive herd, rather than just mingling within it.

Experience the simplicity of a solution that doesn't tie you to your desk.

MyRevenueAcademy helps develop the skills and knowledge of Revenue Managers, aspiring Revenue Managers, and those who manage Revenue Managers.


"Follows its owner everywhere."

Today's hotels are multi-million dollars businesses operating in fiercely competitive environments. The pace of change only accelerates; it never pauses to catch its breath. Skills and knowledge must constantly be developed, upgraded and improved - being part of the competitive herd simply isn't an option.

MyRevenueAcademy allows practitioners of Revenue Management to develop their skills and knowledge, at their own pace, in their own time, and in the security of their own environment.

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Never Stop Learning, as Life Never Stops Teaching

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